Mary excels at drawing deep insight from any audience. She never loses sight of the broader business challenge. And, she does all this with impeccable reliability, organization, and flexibility. And laughter. Lots of laughter.
— Sarah Westrom

Client Love


The expertise Mary shared with me has been practical and evidence-based (both from her own experiences and what she knows in the profession writ-large). Mary will be "real real" with you - which is what you need when you're talking marketing and social media strategies. There's definitely no time to dance around the core issues that can lead to success!

— Amy latawiec

With Mary, the magic happens when she synthesizes the seemingly disparate data elements to paint a picture and tell a story that’s rich in context, insightful in nuance and steeped in strategic importance.  

— sandra bauman

Mary unfailingly brings insights from multiple industries and cross-pollinates them to create new insights. This creates a deeper connection with consumers and, often, a quicker path to the key message or point of differentiation.

— steve rivkin

Mary is well versed on market research, vertical industry, and popular trends. She fuses research with relatable topics to ride trends and provide a human perspective.

— jess forrester

Your contributions to the small business community and to our work overall over these last few years has been transformational. 

— Sarah donnelly

Mary really brought some much needed focus to my marketing strategies. Her plan was clear and the goals she suggested, very attainable. 

— lisa milton


Thank you for this fascinating, intelligent, perceptive report. I am hugely impressed.

— March 2017

Mary is a skilled qualitative researcher. Luckily for me, she's also a strategic marketer—a combination more rare than you might think.

— Jess Forrester


Mary is extremely knowledgeable about retail marketing, all you need to know as a small business owner. She also has techniques to track your growth to ensure you are taking the appropriate measures for the business to grow.

— Nawal DenarD


On a scale from 1 to 10, Mary's a 12!

— JD Deitch

We can vouch that Mary is a fearless powerhouse. A smart & data-savvy researcher, brand visionary, and marketing pro, among many other skills. We're so lucky to have worked with her this year.

— Laura Eagin

Thank you so much for all the work on this. It is a daunting process, but the scaffolds you guys have provided are unlike any I’ve witnessed in any other strategic planning process. They are incredibly helpful and incredibly appreciated.

— November 2018


Your presentation was fantastic, as always!

— Amy REncher

Just Wow! Mary asked me one question and that's when the magic happened. She tuned right into my true business model, allowing me to clearly state where and how my business needs marketing, messaging and branding attention.

— Robert Williams

It's amazing what few minutes with Mary Aviles can reveal about your business. She's an excellent marketing strategist who it extremely adept at capturing/packaging a vision.

— Dr. Karla Mitchell