Marketing Services


Encouraging Economies With Enthusiasm

Marketing Strategy

Exploration of key marketing elements like the why, the what, the how of the your brand - I use frameworks and mental models to identify opportunities, to synthesize and document attributes, essence, positioning, and to develop a message map. I audit your existing marketing communication vehicles and establish a plan to support and activate customers throughout their journeys.

Project management

Hand-picked professional service providers - I have developed relationships with talented professionals across a range of marketing disciplines to include: thought leadership programming, industry influencer relations, public & social media relations, web design & development, copywriting, etc. I am happy to make introductions and collaborate as necessary on project execution. 


Exploring & activating specific communities - While my expertise spans many types of constituents, I have a particular volume of experience with the healthcare ecosystem, art patrons, pet owners, craft beverage consumers, Baby Boomer retirees, data security practitioners, small businesses, the personal & commercial insurance ecosystem, and financial service consumers (investors, businesses). 

Qualitative market research

Design, execution & analysis - Sometimes addressing business challenges requires primary market research. I can provide full-service solutions applying methods like in-depth interviews, digital online studies, and social media research. I partner to provide support for focus groups, both in-person and on-line.

secondarY research & Trend analysis

Publicly-available & proprietary sources - Sometimes you can avoid the need for primary research, by accessing available resources. We are skilled in long-tail search techniques and in synthesizing huge amounts of unstructured data to answer questions or establish project foundations.

Training & workshops

Subject-matter expertise - I develop custom training workshops to meet you/your team's needs. Some of the topics I've covered include: The Privacy Illusion (how to be an informed media consumer), The 4 Ps of Popping Up (pop-up retail planning to drive awareness and sales), What Do You Stand For? (Overcoming Jack of All Trades Syndrome), and using social media to promote your business. Let me conduct an Executive Briefing or supplement an existing curriculum or training program.