Patient Engagement


Together with partner, Bauman Research & Consulting, we sought to apply an online digital qualitative platform to study women through the lens of the Chief Health & Wellness Officer in their homes. Using creative activities, imagery and video, participants were encouraged to transfer attributes of ideal customer experiences with brands whose service they most admired onto their typical healthcare experience.

Our research objectives were to:

1. Find out what healthcare providers do the best and the poorest compared to leading service providers like Apple, Nordstrom, Jet Blue, Ritz Carlton, etc.

2. Gain actionable insights by engaging the emotions of this invaluable decision maker utilizing in-the-moment research activities conducted on the FocusVision Revelation mobile and web platforms.

3. Conduct our analysis within the specific framework of these metaphors and develop a deliverable in the same story-telling vein as the collection process.


Findings included pragmatic, primary research-based insights with implications on operations, capital expenditures, patient services, amenities, marketing, communication, and more. We obtained specific examples of how participants were able to transfer excellence in non-healthcare customer experience onto their healthcare experiences in order to activate emotional responses.

We gained expertise on an emerging technology platform, including why the use of a framework is so important for digital qual projects.

We leveraged the work for thought leadership, presenting the findings at:

  • The inaugural Quirk's Event in Brooklyn, New York
  • Qual360 in Atlanta, Georgia

Our findings were featured in a Franklin Street webinar and article (Today's Patient: Are You Ready For Her?) and we co-presented the study in a FocusVision webinar with Revelation Founder, Steve August.

communities engaged

Women in charge of the majority of their household's healthcare decisions

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