Some Things About Mary

I am a strategist and insight consultant with 20 years expertise connecting marketing with the insights that make it matter.  A thought leader in the field of online digital qualitative research and social media listening, my work informs: marketing strategy and communications, community engagement & experience, and concept development. I am motivated by impactful work. I bring a Try It / Tweak It / Use It / Share It approach to client challenges. My "applicability radar" is always up.

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s and Bernadette Jiwa’s and Mark Bonchek’s thinking that marketing should be in service to—and a conversation with—a very specific group of people who have something in common. I believe in the potential and compounding impact of conscious capitalism. I aspire to deliver Avinash Kaushik-worthy out-of-sights at every opportunity. As a systems thinker, I appreciate James Clear confirming that habits don’t limit freedom, they enable it.

I am a fan of the Oxford comma. I hold a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan. I spend my “free” time (ha!) chauffeuring my three children and an occasionally juicy French bulldog.

You can reach me at: 248.633.5135 OR

Mary Aviles, photo by LiskaPhoto

Mary Aviles, photo by LiskaPhoto


Extended Family


Benefit from my connections to skilled service providers, experts in their craft, who can help bring your strategy to life.


Bauman Research & Consulting, Fearless Decisions

Ursula Adams, Talent Development & Workforce Engagement

Whim Detroit, Digital Innovation

Sarah Westrom, Strategy Unicorn

Catalyst Media Factory, Visibility & Reputation Builder, Brand & Visual Identity

ell ell & co., WordPress Renovation

LiskaPhoto, Narrative Visualization

EarlyWorks, llc. Critical Thinking & Listening

Media Mentions & Placement

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